When you’re prepared to die, you’re prepared to live. So live, not fearing what lies beyond the grave.

That is what Jason posted on his Facebook page in the spring of 2019. Jason had made preparation for eternity early in his life when he accepted Christ as his Savior. He was just 9 years old, but knew that Jesus had died for his sins; he asked God to forgive him, and he put his faith in Christ. Repentance and faith. So simple, but so is God’s plan of salvation.

Jason’s life almost ended at 13, when he was injured in an ATV accident. He fully recovered, and was able to finish school, even getting a college degree, despite a head injury that would later come back to give him trouble. He loved life, and all his friends and relatives knew him as a fun-loving guy who was also serious about spiritual things and knew his priorities.

When he and Cheryl married, she already had three children from a previous marriage, and Jason was anxious to be a good stepdad. Then came the day in December, when Jason and Cheryl found out that they were expecting a baby. They came to Choices Pregnancy Center to learn everything they could about the pregnancy, infant care, and a healthy baby. With a due date in early August, they were happy to have many weeks to take classes.

By this time, residual effects from his ATV accident were taking their toll, and Jason was unable to work. But because he was available, he began attending classes with Cheryl at Choices Pregnancy Center. Jason was transfixed by the miracle of life. When a male volunteer offered to mentor him through fathering classes, Jason was thankful for the opportunity. He wanted to learn how to relate to his stepchildren, how to care for his infant, how to be the godly head of his home. He was attending every week.

Cheryl began to experience some complications during the second trimester. Swelling and high blood pressure caused her doctor to order bed rest. That meant that Jason had to take on more of the responsibilities at home, which he was glad to do. Then on June 2, when their daughter was at 30 weeks gestation, she came into the world. So tiny, at 1 pound 13 ounces, her life was precarious. Jason and Cheryl prayed that the Lord would let her live, and called friends and relatives to ask them to pray as well.

A little more than a week later, on June 11, with his tiny daughter struggling for life in the NICU, Jason was killed in a car accident. He was 33 years old, a father, stepfather, husband, brother, son. Though his family and friends were not ready to lose him, Jason was prepared. Because he had prepared for eternity early in his life, he was living without fear and equipped for the destiny that God had prepared for him.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow. The suddenness of Jason’s death impacted everyone at Choices Pregnancy Center, and caused us to ask ourselves, “Am I prepared, if God should call me Home?”

Salvation is God’s provision for a sinful world that is estranged from Him. Because He loves us, and is unwilling for us to have to pay the eternal penalty for our sins, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be our substitute. Jesus’s death on the cross redeemed us from all penalty of sin, and His resurrection 3 days later proves that He has power over sin and death and has the power save us. Our part is to agree with God about the heinous nature of our sin and its offense to Him, and turn away from it (that’s repentance); and to put our trust in God alone for salvation (that’s faith).

Repentance and faith: God’s simple plan of salvation (Acts 20:21).

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